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  Dedicated and completed in 1898 by and for Irish immigrants, today St. Columba is a parish that is culturally diversified and still serves a new immigrant population. We are a community where diversity is richly celebrated and serves as a testimony of the event of Pentecost. We are a community that prays, celebrates, works and suffers together. Within our diversity, we serve Christ and to live according to the Gospel in unity and tolerance. St. Columba’s parish has served the people of the Lincoln Park/South Broad Street area since 1871. The first men of the parish were mostly hard-working laborers and the small original church was replaced on January 15, 1899 with the beautiful building known as St. Columba’s Church. The children of the parish needed an excellent education and the sister of Charity came to the parish in 1880.There was no convent at the time, so the sisters traveled by horse and buggy each day from St. Patrick’s on Bleeker Street. In 1908 both school and the convent were completed. The school continued to educate the parish and the neighborhood children until 2000 when unfortunatly the School closed.
It is now open as a school under the direction of LINK Community Corporation. The priest of the Archdiocese served the parish faithfully through the years. From the first pastor, Father Reilly, to the later diocesan missionary priest Father Luis Orlando Gonzalez. All the volunteer teachers in the Religious Education Program, the members of the choir, the faithful lectors, the advisory board, and the many people who volunteer their time and talent to keep St. Columba Church, the strong symbol of the beautiful people it serves.
   May God’s work continue to be carried on as faithfully in the future as it has been in the past and present.

What did Pope Francis Said?

La sabiduría es es la gracia de poder ver cada cosa con los ojos de Dios; es ver el mundo, ver las situaciones, la coyunturas, los problemas, todo, con los ojos de Dios.

* Esta es la sabiduría. A veces vemos las cosas según nuestro gusto, según la situación de nuestro corazón, con amor o con odio, con envidia...! Esto no es el ojo de Dios.
* La sabiduría es lo que el Espíritu Santo hace en nosotros para que veamos todas las cosas con los ojos de Dios. Y este es el don de la sabiduría.
* Obviamente, este don surge de la intimidad con Dios, de la relación intima que tenemos con Dios, de la relación de los hijos con el Padre.
* El Espíritu Santo, cuando tenemos esta relación, nos concede el don de la sabiduría. Y cuando estamos en comunión con el Señor, el Espíritu Santo es como si transfigurase nuestro corazón.
(Plaza de San Pedro, Abril 9, 2014)

Parish Office Hours
Monday-Friday :
9:00am to 4:00pm

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Mass Schedule


    During the
Octave of Easter:             

 Monday - Friday, 6:00 pm

            By the Rectory (Spanish)
            St Marys Chapel

 Saturday 6:00 pm    (Billingual)
        In the Church

 Sunday:  9:00 am   (English)
              11:00 am  (Spanish)

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Talks for Young and Adults
 Every Monday and Thurdays
   7:30 PM in the Church

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